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Why is Hyperpro the best choice

for high performance motorcycle suspension?

  • The compression and rebound damping are both completely adjustable with high and low speed adjustments for compression damping . 

  • We use a rising-rate full progressively wound spring for better absorption of small bumps and pavement "chop" while still offering good control on bigger bumps or for higher rates of speed.

  • We use a larger shaft diameter for more strength and more oil displacement which allows better fine tuning of damping.  Larger diameter also allows for greater durability.

  • Our 16mm shaft (2 mm larger than Ohlins shock) has a CNC - carbon nitrite coating to minimize stiction (just like you see on high end forks).  

  • Hyperpro uses a new seal design which has been proven through the rigors of motorcross in Europe to provide superb durability and very low stiction. Tests between this seal and the standard competitors seal show 3x the life.

  • The length of the 3D shock can easily be adjusted by specifying the LA option on most of the shocks.

  • The shock offers the option of a remote hydraulic preload adjuster.

  • New updated design. The design of this shock is brand new but is an extension of the previous designs we sold.

  • The Hyperpro 3D shock utilizes bladder technology in the reservoir to separate the oil from the nitrogen gas. Other manufacturers use a floating piston. A floating piston has to overcome stiction before it can react. A rubber bladder does not "know" friction and reacts smoother and faster to pressure changes.

Here is a recap: 
The Hyperpro shock has many advantages over other products
on the marketplace today.
It has a 16 mm shaft which is not only sturdier, but also displaces 
more oil in the compression stroke so that you can regulate the compression 
and rebound damping better.

The Hyperpro shocks come with a progressive spring to ensure a compliant 
ride and to prevent bottoming out under load. 

The shocks are all black with a purple spring.
A black spring is an alternative.


Front shock: Model 360
with adjustable rebound damping

Rear shock: Model 460
with adjustable rebound damping 

Rear shock: Model 468
with adjustable rebound damping, with remote reservoir
and high and low speed compression damping on damping.


Optional for either rear shock:
HPA = Hydraulic Pre-Load adjuster (remote)


Warranty - 5 years. Also includes a rebuild after 20K miles (does not include removal and replace on motorcycle.)
Delivery time : About 2 weeks.

Our shipping charges are based on UPS Ground shipments.
It can take up to 6 business days to some western parts of the country.

Hyperpro Street Box and Telelever

 Box Suspension Kits

Hyperpro is now offering The Street Box an affordable

suspension package consisting of fork springs and a rear shock!

The Telelever set is an affordable OEM alternative with front and

rear HyperPro Progressively wound shocks with

Hydraulic Pre Load Adjuster 

Both are perfect for anyone looking to improve their bike's suspension  

without breaking the bank in the process. 



Shipping and Handling from the factory not included. 

Progressively Wound Motorcycle Fork and Shock Springs

The perfect anti-dive and traction control money can buy!!

In a perfect world the suspension of your motorcycle would react differently every time. The top half of the spring would be supple and would react flexibly to absorb small bumps and irregularities instantly. As the spring compresses, it becomes more rigid so even large bumps and holes in a road surface will not cause the suspension to bottom out. 

For cost-efficiency reasons, new motorcycles are equipped with linear springs. Compressing the top half of this type of spring takes just as much force as compressing the bottom half. The result is that the top of the spring is in fact too rigid and the bottom too supple.

Fortunately, this perfect world does exist. Hyperpro produces progressive springs whereby the top half is easily compressible and compression of the bottom half is much harder. This results in a perfect set-up for every situation. A number of benefits are mentioned below:

Improved braking distance 
Whenever you apply the brakes, the pressure on the front wheel increases. Regular springs cause the bike to 'dive' causing the brakes to become less effective. With progressive Hyperpro springs the bike takes less of a dive, the rate of resistance increases which results in an improved braking distance.

Not only is this faster on the racetrack, it is also safer on the public highway!

Improved motoring performance

Small bumps and irregularities in the road surface get absorbed immediately,

large bumps or holes are intercepted by the 'more rigid' part of the spring.

This results in perfect harmony between control and comfort.

No resonance 
A linear spring has a specific frequency and therefore, could resonate at that particular frequency.

Resonance is not only very annoying it can also be dangerous.

Progressive springs do not have a frequency so therefore never resonate; an obvious difference!

Always a perfect setup 
Progressive springs always adjust themselves instantly to changing circumstances. If you carry a passenger on your motorcycle, the spring should provide more resistance and this is certainly the case with progressive springs. Hyperpro progressive springs even respond to the amount of fuel left in your tank. 

We believe in our product and therefore offer a lifetime warranty against breakage. Tests have proved that even after driving a million kilometres our progressive springs maintain the same characteristics.

Soon we will be adding linear fork springs as an option for those have prefer a straight rate spring.

We have available special lowering springs for the forks and shocks.  These are perfect for the rider who has a hard time reaching the ground and is looking for an economical way to lower their bike - and get the benefit of a new spring.  This information will be added to the site soon.

Hyperpro progressive springs are available for almost all modern bikes as a front kit, rear kit and combi kit. A combi kit consists of progressive springs: front and back, fork oil, stickers and a practical user guide. In addition to step-by-step installation instructions, this user guide provides useful tips for optimal adjustment of your bike springs.  

To order, call BOMBAR'S BEEMERS AT 919-450-7450

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