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Transform your BMW or Triumph with these great products.  Buy from us and get a discount on installation.
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These are just some examples of the UNIT GARAGE Products available


Oil pan distance ring for BMW R 2V Boxer models.
The Siebenrock oil pan distance ring has been developed for all 2V boxer engines and is 150g lighter!
The popular oil sump spacer ring can now be obtained in an optimized reissue. This new edition also features the Siebenrock logo at its front. The inside of the ring has been altered to give more surface for better cooling characteristics. Weighing only 1120 grams the reworked part is 250 grams lighter than its forerunner. Of cour- se the coating of the black oil sump spacer ring is shock- as well as heat-resistant

Once installed, the oil quantity can be increased by a considerable 1.3 litres - so reducing the engine temperature. 

The distance ring is the optimum supplement to the Siebenrock Power and Replacement Kits. 
Models up to 09/1980 with mainstands with two crossbars might need adaption on the centerstand

Deep Sump Conversion Kit
Increasing the amount of oil (+ 1.3 L) circulating has many benefits. More oil means lower oil and engine temperature and less engine wear. Also, more oil means less lubricating cycles for the oil, which reduces the mechanical tear of the oil particles and therefore it stays ''fresh'' longer. The spacer has 2 inner supports which also dampens and quietens oil movement. The kit comes with all needed bolts and washers plus two oil pick-up gaskets but does not include oil pan gaskets. You'll need to also order two oil pan gaskets.

Product no.: 1113100 $169

Fits: BMW R 60/7, R 75/7, R 80/7, R 80, R 80RT, R 100/7, R 100, R 100T, R 100S, R 100CS, R 100RS, R 100RT, R65, R 80G/S, R 65GS, R80G/S PD, R 80ST, R 80GS, R 80GS PD, R 100GS, R 100GS PD, R 80R, R 80R Mystic, R 100R, R 100R Mystic, R 45, R 65, R 65LS

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