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Engine Guards

The best Engine Guards for your BMW from $399  


ZT 1250 Engine Guards.jpg
ZT 1250 Engine Guards-RT.jpg

ZTechnik’s Engine Guards are now available for 2019-20 models in both the original Electropolished Stainless Steel finish (Z7107-003) and a new E-Coated/Powdercoated Black steel finish (Z7106-002) that looks great on the new bikes.

The E-Coat (Electrophoretic Coating) is applied inside and out to eliminate rust and corrosion, and the Black Powdercoating makes the finish tough and long lasting.

ZTechnik Engine Guards attach to the engine mounts – not the engine covers – to protect the motor's heads/valve covers. Integrated top brackets on each guard allow the rider to mount accessory lights, video cameras, or whatever they can imagine. These Engine Guards are carefully designed to allow clearance for oil changes or valve cover access, so they don’t need to be removed for routine maintenance.

For greater comfort on longer rides, mount 1-inch clamp-on foot pegs to the Engine Guard’s upper or forward sections.

All mounting hardware is included, along with easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Z7106-002 Engine Guards; E-Coated/Powdercoated Steel; Retail $496.95
Z7107-003 Engine Guards; Electropolished Stainless Steel; Retail $599.95

ZTechnik is a new brand created by National Cycle, Inc., which specializes in high quality motorcycle accessories designed exclusively for BMW Motorcycles.

The name itself, ZTechnik, is from the German "Zubehör Technik," which roughly translates to "technical accessories" in English.



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