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We carry the full line of Flanders Magura/BMW style handlebars


Bar Backs

From $99.95

Please call

We have bar backs for all BMW Motorcycles




Classic Bar-BAX work with standard round handlebars (22mm diameter) as found on Air-heads, most older K-bikes and certain newer models as listed below. Our Bar-BAX are precision machined from solid aluminum and allow you to relocate your handlebar for a more comfortable riding position, in this case: up 1.5 inches and back 1.25 inches. 

IMPORTANT: Different models require specific Bolt Kits to go with the Bar-BAX.  The Bolt Kit is INCLUDED in the price of the Bar-BAX.

• For 1970-'73 twins - BOLT-5
• For 1974-'84 twins - BOLT-R 
• For 1985-'95 twins - BOLT-K
• For K75 & K100 models - BOLT-K
• For R1100GS & R1150GS - BOLT-GS
• For R1150R(& Rockster) - BOLT-K
• For F650 single - BOLT-K

Please NOTE: With most installations, stock control cables can be re-routed so as not to interfere with steering movement. In some cases, hydraulic brake lines can also be re-routed, but for best results and safety we strongly recommend installing a longer hydraulic brake line. On models with a steering damper knob between the bar risers (/6), the knob will have to be removed. On models with rubber or plastic dashboards over the handlebars, additional modifications will most likely be required, and in some cases it may be more efficient to simply use an entirely different handlebar rather than install Bar-BAX.

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