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Tomorrow's Technology - With 20 years experience

Component Rebuilding - Painting

BMW - Moto Guzzi - Triumph - Norton 

We specialize in Antique, WWII and Post war machines.

From 1929 - On BMW.  

Please note - During our busy summer months our turn around time for component repairs can take longer specially spline repairs and specialty machining on transmissions.  
Please understand that we will not rush any job.   

"Bombar's Beemers has the most professional shop and solutions to BMW problems I have ever come across.  I have had several BMW motorcycles and Porsche cars.  The level of professionalism, carry through, and solutions to repair my K1200S, both transmission and clutch were beyond exemplary. The bike runs, shifts and works better than ever before. Thank you again."

 - John Tovcimak. Pittsburgh, PA.

Our machine shop is equipped to rebuild, repair, restore and make "like-new" critical components for your European motorcycle.


Some of the work we do, and some is done by trusted machinist that we have worked with for over 15 years and trust.  You are in good hands with any build you need from the smallest fix to a complete overhaul of all components.  


Our engine rebuilds, transmission repairs, comprehensive cylinder work, tanks, electrics, carbs, all can be transformed to run like new again - A complete transformation to a fully restored motorcycle using tomorrow's technology for today's classics.

We apply a lot of skill and experience into these repairs and can often make these components "better" than new by applying proven methods, parts and techniques.

Services are designed for riders bringing their bikes to our shop, or any individual component delivered to our shop.

We ship anywhere - Complete International shipping available.

  • Final Drive Overhaul and Spline/Driveshaft Rebuilding

  • Transmission Rebuilding and Modifications

  • Complete Cylinder Top End Rebuilding including:

    • Valves, Valve Seats, Springs, Guides, Unleaded Seat Conversions

    • Valve Grinding and Rocker Arm Refurbishing

    • BMW Performance Kits from Siebenrock  

  • Cylinder Boring, Honing, Sleeving, and Plating

  • Top End or Complete Engine Balancing

  • Crank Rebuilding by our experts for all European and British Bikes

  • Bing, Keihin and Dellorto Carb Rebuilding

  • Wheel Bearings and Drive Spline Drive Dogs Replaced

  • Wheels relaced with Stainless Spokes, Powder Coating, Rims and Polishing

  • BMW '55-'69 Brake Shoe Relining

  • Brake Caliper Rebuilding

  • Glass or Soda Blasting of any component part

  • Flywheel Lightening

  • K Bike Water Pump Rebuilds

  • Engine Performance Building using Siebenrock Engine Kits

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