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For all NEW BMW Motorcycles

Superb Suspension and ESA


Bombar's is offering the entire Wilbers program beginning with fork springs, replacement springs for OEM shocks, Mono and Twin Shocks as Emulsion or Reservoir shocks for several bike models in standard length, to raise the ride height or to lower it to enable riders with a shorter inseam to put their feet on the ground and hold the bike up safely, as well as steering dampers and the lower budget ECO line shocks.

Wilbers offers the entire line of BMW ESA shocks and we are a service station that can handle all Wilbers repairs and ESA conversions for all BMW models, whether it is the Mini-WESA, WESA, Dynamic Comfort WESA, Dynamic Feedback WESA or DDC WESA. 

We are unique in our ability to supply you with new shocks and ESA component transfer for the  BMW K 1200/1300 S/R/GT models, and service all OEM ESA shocks, install new springs for a completely new feel and handling, and, in some cases, shorten them to lower the ride height, a very cost effective alternative to new factory OEM shocks.

Another specialty is the rebuild service of SHOWA, WP, KYB and other OEM shocks, even if they are considered NON-REBUILDABLE, as long as the shock tube and cap are not welded shut or have a rolled over edge. 

These shocks can be equipped with new springs for a complete new feel and handling, at a price that is lower than a new OEM shock.


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