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Exhaust systems for BMW, Guzzi, British, and more

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Stainless Steel Reproduction Exhausts



Mufflers, Header Pipes, and Collectors are manufactured to the same specifications as the original equipment if not better, both internally and externally. They will fit on the motorcycle with no modifications to mounting brackets, carburetor, or ignition. Noise output is comparable to the original silencer. They are polished to a mirror finish which has a close resemblance to chrome plating.


Header Pipes - $329 to $409 for the set 

Exhaust Pipes - $699 to $859 per pair


These are custom made in England so prices vary due to the currency exchange. 


Please call for pricing


Why Stainless?

Motorcycles should not have a major component which will deteriorate in such a short period of time causing unnecessary expense, excessive noise and unsightly rust.
The long life of KEIHAN SYSTEMS silencers and exhaust pipes are cost effective well within the 10 year guarantee period.





I really can’t put in to words how incredibly impressed I am with the fit and finish of these pipes and silencers.

Obviously you folks at Keihan really pay attention to detail and quality. I've seen a lot of different after-market pipes for BMW's but there’s nothing that can compare, in my opinion, in looks (very period faithful) and sound.

Thanks so much for such an outstanding product. And thanks for being so easy to work with and filling my request with a minimum of fuss

Al - 1975 R90S restoration project



Bombar's Exhaust Systems

Direct from Germany


Very beautiful for all /2 vintage bikes, made to original specs, headers and mufflers

R50/2 - R60/2, R69, R69S






$795.00 per pair


$399.95 per pair

Complete System  


Exhaust Clamps SS - R50 - R69S

$28.75 each

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