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Adventure Set Protection Well equipped for every tour.  BMW, TRIUMPH, MOTO-GUZZI, HONDA.

We carry the full line - Please call us and we can advise you!

From $199 - $1299


With the Adventure set Protection the motorcycle is ready for every adventure. For selected bikes we have compiled individual protective equipment. All sets include crash bar and engine guard that provide extra protection for valuable components. On the BMW R 1200 GS, the fairing is additionally protected by an upper crash bar. KOBRA handguards are also in all sets - except in those for the Yamaha MT-09 and the BMW F 700 GS and F 800 GS. The Adventure set Protection for the Yamaha MT-09, various models by KTM, BMW and Triumph is completed by axial crash pads. Some sets contain even more protection such as an engine case protector or a motor protection


TRAX ADV – ready for adventure!

This strong and sleek premium aluminium touring case is suited for any driving situation and offers high durability and protection from water and dust as well as easy handling. TRAX ADV also features strong carrying handles, a completely removable lid, glass-reinforced plastic corner caps and a large chamfer on the lower edge to optimize lean angle and ground clearance for cornering. Proudly designed and made in Germany.

FROM $519.95


Bar riser – universal or bike-specific

Universal or bike-specific bar risers offer a more relaxed seating position and improved comfort.

A wide range of universal bar risers is available in silver or black with height adjustments from 15 to 50 mm. The durable and weather-resistant bar risers fit handlebars with diameter 22 or 28 mm.

For assorted motorcycle models we offer bike-specific bar risers for best fit and integrated appearance. The robust CNC milled aluminium risers offer various height adjustments.

Our durable aluminium bar backs relocate the handlebar up and back and add more comfort during longer trips. FROM $69.95







Bar back – universal or bike-specific

If you find it difficult to comfortably reach the handlebar, you should consider purchasing a bar back. Our durable aluminium universal bar backs relocate the handlebar 30 mm up and 21/22 back. The adjustment adds more comfort during longer trips.

Bike-specific bar backs perfectly integrate into the bikes design and relocate the handlebar 20 mm or 32 mm up and 30 mm or 25 mm back. The anodized finish protects the risers from scratches and the elements.

ADVENTURE-RACK - ready for big adventure

Our ADVENTURE-RACK for long-distance enduros, large street and sport touring bikes proves itself through its extreme durability. Material thickness, weight and geometry have been optimized for demanding tours and off-road use. A especially large contact surface and large lashing eyelets make it easy to tie down tail bags. Thanks to many functional bores the ADVENTURE-RACK accepts adapter kits for topcases by SW-MOTECH, Givi/Kappa, Krauser, Hepco & Becker and Shad, with SysBags 15/30 with adapter plates and RotopaX canisters.





FROM $149.95
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