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Motorcycling NC

Peter Bombar takes a break in the Piedmont.

One of the best things about living in North Carolina is having the ability to enjoy motorcycling year-round.  While it’s tough to beat the mountains  for fabulous views and tight twisties, the Piedmont region holds its own rather nicely, and of course, there is nothing like riding along the glorious coast.
Many riders become weekend warriors due to lack of free time during the week, but riding doesn’t have to mean a lengthy road trip.  With a little pre-planning, you can easily squeeze in ride time before or after work.  Even a quick lunch ride will lift your spirits and leave you energized to tackle the afternoon.  If you plan to ride after work, why not pack a picnic supper in the saddlebag and head out into the blue?

Searching for Serendipity in Beautiful North Carolina


Sunset on Cape Fear River

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