There are several kits we build using High Performance Pistons and Rings.  Also, with the addition of a Nikasil 1000cc cylinder, with new stainless steel pushrod tubes, we can offer a power kit that boosts any 750, 800, 900 or 1000cc Airhead with 99mm skirts. 97mm skirts found on /5 and early /6 models can also be custom ordere


Big Bore Kit 1070cc Performance Plus

1101220 | 2V-Boxer SiebenRock Engine Kit-99mm-From 1976
Kit contains 2 nicasil-coated cylinders with stainless-steel push-rod tubes, 
2 molybdenium-coated pistons, much lighter than the stock pistons, 
2 optimized connecting rods, asymmetrical camshaft, 
Installation manual. 
Included are all gaskets needed for mounting the set.


(Cylinder gasket set / Camshaft gasket set )

Two versions of this kit are available. The difference is in the connecting rod length, which influences the compression ratio.

• Touring : 150,5mm (9.8:1 compression) 
• Standard : 151,0mm (10.2:1 compression)

The „Touring“ version is equipped with slightly shorter con-rods is the favorite for those looking for powerful, smooth riding performance and a plus of torque in the lower revs.

The „Standard” version with slightly more compression and offers crisper performance. 

We highly recommend the Alpha V3 ignition system for this conversion for precise digital timing of the engine (sold separately)

$2899.00 (includes complete gasket and seal kit)

R75, R80, R90 R100 Kits

The ultimate 1000 cc conversion kit for all Classic BMW models

Increase in torque and power over the entire RPM range

Solid quiet-running = Lighter pistons weigh 150 grams less than original OEM. 

INCREASED TORQUE = from the original 57Nm(varies on different models) to 72Nm.

INCREASED HP = For example, the R80G/S, R80ST and R80GS the output increases from 49.3 to 59.2 HP and even 63.1 HP can be reached with the R80 and R90 road machines.

Eliminates typical BMW torque dropout between 4000 and 5000RPM


For classic BMW models

R75/5, R65, R90 through to 1979, and 1981 and on R80 and R100 models (GS, R, RS, RT, CS)

97mm and 99mm cylinder skirt fitment.

With two nicasil-coated cylinders, the kit includes forged pistons that are 110 gram lighter than the originals as well as high-quality piston ring sets and piston wrist pins with retaining rings.


Kit with stainless steel push rod tubes (installed)



Cylinder and Head Gasket kit with push rod seals

From $69.95


Kits manufactured in Germany by Siebenrock 














1000cc Nikasil Cylinders
$384 Each
1000cc High Compression Pistons $ 294 each
1000cc Ring Sets
$149 for two pistons
Stainless Push Rod Tubes
$160 set of four

Moto Guzzi Gilardoni Piston Cylinder Kits with Head Gaskets

Replace your flaking chrome cylinders with a new set of Gilardoni cylinder and piston kits. Its also a good idea to replace your cylinders even if your current chrome is ok. You never know when it might start flaking. 

Kit includes -

  • Nikasel bore Cylinder x2

  • Piston, rings, pin & clips x2

  • Head gasket with oval hole push rod opening x2

These are sold as a pair, just as you see pictured.

Consult your parts manual for proper fitment.


SP, G5, CX 1000cc
V7 Sport
850 T & T3
850 LeMans
88mm Square Head
1000cc Big Bore for 850
1000 LeMans IV & V

From $395 per set

Two required per motrcycle

Triumph Twin Power are a premier supplier of performance tuning parts for the air cooled Triumph twins 2001-2016. We pride ourselves on supplying quality products and giving 1st class service and support to our customers.  We carry a full line of these excellent engine and running upgrades. 
Carb upgrades
Engine Power Kits
EFI tuning Kits
Power Induction Kits

When you order from us you get a complete package of service, advice and warranty on your Triumph product.  Click on the TTP logo to see the full catalog in England.  Call us and order 919-491-4875

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