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Our best selling "WARNING" brake system.  These 32 segment LED lights are extremely bright.  They are on as running lights, and flash when the brakes are applied even brighter.  An excellent choice so others see you from behind.  $99.95

Brackets are 12.95 for the rear on most BMW motorcycles

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SM-5 unit is designed as a plug-in replacement for most BMW "R" Bikes and some "K" series bikes with dual handlebar mounted turn signal switches. This unit has a matching 12-pin connector and replaces the original Delphi turn signal relay.  

SM-5 operates all four turn signal lamps at reduced intensity to enhance your visibility in the traffic. This conversion is all done internally without any modifications to the wiring. This optional feature can be enabled or disabled on the fly. 

SM-5 has soft touch configuration. Soft touch configuration allows the timeouts and running light options to be changed on the fly. 

SM-5 has (3) selectable timouts: 8 seconds, 30 seconds, and 45 seconds.


For BMW, and many more models starting at $109.95


  • Automatic turn signal cancellation

  • Running light option built-in

  • Brake flash and override option built-in


BE SURE! Do you forget to turn off the signals once in a while? It may be embarrassing when you realize it, but also quite unsafe in the traffic.


signalMinder stops the flashing automatically. In most cases, you simply replace the flasher on your motorcycle.


signalMinder is a solid-state turn signal flasher with a built-in programmable time-out feature. Selectable time-outs range from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. At the end of the selected time-out, the flashing stops.


Built-in options such as Running Light Conversion, allows you to convert all the turn signals to running

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