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An extremely excellent Plug and Play solution that will make

your bike so much better

  - Improved and softer throttle response when rolling the throttle on/off
  - Enrichment of Air/Fuel mixture when you open the throttle will improve acceleration
  - Remove the jerky low speed running (surging) that is typical for modern lean burn engines.  This is especially true in the R1100 series bikes prior to dual plugging, but even the R1150 with dual plugs , R1200 and F series as well
  - Stronger and more reliable idle
  - Reduced puffing in your aftermarket exhaust on engine braking



IN STOCK for ONLY $170.



Too good to be true?
A lot of Plug and Play devices will promise wonderful results, but unfortunately most of them are pure Snake Oil. The BoosterPlug is the only Plug and Play module that is properly researched and developed - and performs as promised.


How does it work then?
  - If you can trick the Fuel Injection ECU to think the ambient air temperature is lower than the actual readings,
    the ECU will richen up the injected mixture by a certain amount
  - The correct enrichment will greatly improve the driveability of your bike
  - Basically, it is done by adding some extra resistance to the Air Intake Temperature Sensor, and the method
    have been tested thoroughly by many independent sources and it actually works. No magic involved :-) 

The intelligent solution!
  - The BoosterPlug is the only Plug and Play device that offers a stabilized enrichment of the mixture in different ambient temperatures
  - To do this, the BoosterPlug is using an extra temperature sensor (and a few other components) that will work in cooperation with the original Air Intake Temperature Sensor.





All HP2 boxers



K1200GT New type (Produced from 2006) (Type K44)

All K1300

K1200GT Old type (Produced 2003-2004) (Type K41)




All 850cc boxers

All 1100cc boxers

All 1150cc boxers




Also the iconic Moto Guzzi's suffers from the extremely lean air/fuel mixture that plagues all modern fuel injected bikes.
This makes the riding experience less than perfect, because the lean mixture makes the idle weak (engine stalls easily), and throttle response at low RPM is horrible.
The BoosterPlug will provide the small controlled fuel enrichment that is necessary to restore the drivability of the bike - and make it what it should have been from the Factory.

Tom, 2014 BMW R1200GS, 

Ordered my Boosterplug this week. Studied the installation. Got delivery today, installed in 10 minutes. 
Had fantastic test ride. Especially I like the rideability improvement on slow speeds. 
I race enduro and I'm very familiar on possibilities of engine tuning by fuel injection. This is hands down a clever and simple way to improve the bike. 
I also appreciated prompt shipment and clear installation instructions and great product quality. 
Thank you.


These instructions are the general instructions you need to install the BoosterPlug.

Steve, 2008 Moto Guzzi Bellagio, 


I would just like to say how good the Booster Plug is on my Bellagio, however, its not good...... its fantastic....... what a change to my motorcycle.
It is truly a pleasure to ride even in heavy traffic which was always its weak point.
The engine is so smooth at all throttle openings I can't believe I'm on the same bike.
Many Thanks for supplying the best accessory ever for my beloved Bellagio.

"Your Bike will love you for it." 

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