Brake Lines

SS BRAKE HOSE, 1974-2007 

Bombar's braided stainless steel brake lines are hand crafted exclusively for us by a senior BMW Master Technician with whom we have a long standing partnership; and each one is made precisely to fit a specific BMW application - the ONLY stainless brake lines available which can make that claim! You're assured of the highest quality and correct fit for your bike. 

Replacement gasket washers are included with all brake lines.

Why switch to stainless? Stock lines on most BMW motorcycles before 2004 are made of reinforced synthetic rubber which, even when new, expands under pressure, leading to a mushy feel. In older marginal systems this can lead to the brake lever running out of movement before full system pressure has been reached. Our brake lines consist of an extruded Teflon hose, tightly wrapped in stainless steel wire braid, then coated in clear plastic to protect painted surfaces. There is virtually no expansion and you get better braking performance!

Spiegler Performance Parts was founded on the concept of providing motorcycle enthusiasts with innovative technology, crafted using the highest quality materials available. Call us to order these fine products for your fine BMW, Moto Guzzi or other European motorcycle 


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