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TRANSMISSIONS - All Makes/Models


From an early /2 thru R1200 series and K Bikes we are able to update and repair your transmission.  We rebuild transmission, update internal components, and undercut gears in any BMW series transmissions.  We use only top quality bearings.  We also solve known problems by modifying or changing a bearing or transmission case thus creating a reliable transmission.  We offer a core exchange for some transmissions. Don't be fooled by a cheap rebuild.  



"Thanks for everything. The entire transaction was very positive. The transmission for my airhead is great, and I feel I got a great deal".

Jimmy - BMW R75/7


Rebuilt 1970 - 1995 series - New bearings, seals, new gasket, pawl springs, and reshimed. 


I also rebuild all shafts and correct concentricity on the engagement dogs.  These are usually not the greatest specially in pre 1976 5 speed transmissions.   I re-cut these gears with a special race cut and index correctly thus eliminating the typical problem of gear slip and breakage.

Race cutting is not available on Vintage and /5 transmissions. We are experts at rebuilding these vintage transmissions.  


Here is a close up of the indexed gear for perfect engagement 












Note the pictures of perfectly corrected , cut and magna fluxed gear shafts for a 1975 R90/6 5 speed.

Prices for rebuild start at $995, typical full rebuild with new output flange, washer and nut $1199.95 and for a fully race cut version - From $1795


 "The difference with a "Bombar" transmission and new clutch is night and day. I thought this bike was a pleasure before. Now it's just down right amazing".

Lou - 1999 BMW R1100RT with modified M97 transmission by Peter Bombar.


What exactly is undercutting the R1100 Transmission gears?  And why do it?


Notice the circled area in the photo. The dogs have angles machined into them where they meet.  Since the mating surfaces are beveled, they become interlocked while under load, unable to separate without first backing up to unload the angled surfaces. In contrast, gears that are not undercut can more easily unload and slip. Typically this causes 3rd gear to disengage on the R1100. The procedure to create the angled surfaces is known as undercutting or race cutting.

Undercutting the 2nd and 3rd, 4th and 5th gears respectively prevents the notorious shift fork wear and gear slippage that plagues R1100 "M" series transmission

M94 – M96(1994-1996) Undercut 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th gear. Prevents fork wear and gear slipping. New shift fork, new bearings as needed, new seals, re-shimmed correctly, O-ring for neutral switch, and re-sized clip for solid shift drum gear engagement .

- OR - 

M97 (1997 – 2000)  Race cut 2nd gear and dog, recut 5th gear, new shift fork, new bearings as needed on output shaft, new seals, re-shimmed correctly,  O-ring for neutral switch, and over-sized clip for solid shift drum gear engagement.


THIS IS IMPORTANT SO MAKE A NOTE:  The first gear and forth gears (engagement to the 1st gear from the forth) on the output shaft are not able to be cut.  It is an internal spline type engagement.  Rarely do these have issues - BUT - On high mileage and specially on "Police" models, this gear has been banged around (abused) to where it might slip.  This gear is not covered under the rebuild warranty unless replaced.  The forth must be cut to engage with 2nd if replacing only these gears.

Call for further details. From $735 for gears to be replaced


K1200S/R/GT TRANSMISSIONS UPDATES Parts for these transmissions are no longer available.  We can offer you new transmissions and can modify only good used ones (if you can find one) or new ones.  


The K1200S/R/GT (K40/43/44) built from 2003 and on have a wet multi-disk clutch system which is inherently problematic.  BMW recommends replacing this clutch every 30K.  We have seen many bikes with less than this mileage with failing clutches...WHAT TO DO?

This picture shows a badly worn BMW assembly (lower) requiring replacement - NO friction material left = Metal to metal wear destroying the assembly package.  The top one is OK although it is worn (22K on the clock) and needs a new Barnett disk package.

We recommend two things depending on the issue.  First, if the Lamellar Clutch package is not damaged then replace all the disks with a Barnett clutch disk package available from us at 1/4 of the price compared to BMW.  However, in some cases the clutch plate to the end plate has been worn down to metal as shown in the picture above.  In this case a new BMW Lamellar package is required, we then can remove the new disks and replace them with a Barnett carbon fiber disk package...expensive, but it solves the problem and avoids the issue coming back, thus in the long run saves you about $900 plus labor every time your clutch from BMW wears out prematurely. 


From$189.95 for the disk package, and $1039 for a new clutch assembly with carbon fiber Barnett clutch disks which we assemble for you. 

Does not include labor for removal from your bike. 

The Dreaded Spline Wear Syndrome

A number of R1100, K1200, but mostly R1150 series transmissions experience premature wear on the input splines that fit into the clutch friction plate.  This creates a really bad problem and will require the removal, and replacement of the input shaft and clutch plate.  We have done several of these.  Please call us if you are experiencing this problem to discuss repairs.  Replacing the entire clutch system does seem to eliminate the issue.  And PLEASE NOTE - If you are buying one of these bikes and want to keep it for a long time, consider biting the bullet, and having the splines properly greased rather than waiting for impending doom!! 


Rebuilt “better-than-new” transmissions 


A Recap...Plus Typical Pricing


M series for BMW R1100, Starting at $1699 - $2100

Six Speed for R1150 series , Starting at $1299 - $2100

ALL Models - K Bike transmission builds and race cut gearing, Starting at $995 to $1999

5 Speed for 1975 - 1980, and 1981-1995 Airhead.  

Starting at $755 - $1595 + +

K1200S/R/GT (K40/43/44 series), NLA

Happy People


"I just put the rebuilt M94 in my R1100RT and rode for 200 miles...WOW.  It never shifted this well, and has smooth and positive engagement, and getting into 1st is now a breeze".  EXCELLENT WORK.  Peter C - Colorado


"Awesome transmission - really amazing the difference.  I have done 1500 miles and this just get's better". 

Nick - Queensland, Australia - R1100RT


"Just a note to thank you for a job well done.  My R100 has never ever ever shifted and been this solid.  Rebuilding the output shaft with the re-indexed 5th gear was sold me forever!!".  John - R100



Final drives for all BMW motorcycles can be rebuilt.  Final Drives vary depending on model.


Airhead BMW -  cleaned, resealed, rebuilt, splines rebuilt along with the wheel drive splines.  /5 motorcycle splines are rebuilt to /6 standard which have a better surface and last a long time.



  • 1970-1984 all Twin shock (double sided swing arm) BMW R50, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100 models, K75/100 Final Drive/Shaft .

  • If you send the Ring Gear Only - $269 plus shipping.

  • If you send the complete drive -  From $499-$539 depending on extra parts needed to reseal/rebuild plus shipping - The drive bearing may be fine, but must be pulled from the crown bearing prior to spline repair, replaced after repair, and then the drive is cleaned, resealed, new cover gasket and reshim.

  • Replace the drive dog on the wheel - $299 plus shipping.  This includes the old drive dog removed, new drive dog riveted onto the wheel.  The wheel is cleaned.  New wheel bearings may be needed.  See component pricing


K75/100 - Rebuild Final Drive with new pinion shaft spline, new drive shaft, clean and reseal. $989.95

PARALEVER and HEXHEAD Rebuilds with new gear bearings, new seals, shimmed correctly.  The price will depend on what is needed at the crown and/or pinion gear.   

From $695.

Some rebuilds will require another bearing.  Some require new pivot pin bearings.  Usually, the pinion shaft bearings and seal are fine.  Please call us first.  


1 Year or 12,000 mile Warranty  

Applies to Paralever/Airhead/K Bike early drive assemblies only. 

For 1 year or 12,000 miles, which ever comes first, we guarantee our workmanship. If a problem arises within the guidelines of this warranty, we will redo the repair only. Original repair order with mileage of motorcycle and date of repair mandatory. New wheel coupler on "R" models, or new driveshaft on "K" must be installed at time of spline repair and must appear on the repair order. We will not pay for any labor, freight, other repairs, or cost of inconvenience.

New Model Final Drives 

From 2005

We can repair these drives.  However, most of the time we recommend replacing the drives once failure has occurred. 

Please Read Carefully

On drives we repair - Warranty of 3000 miles only providing the bearing has not spun on the spline shaft, the flange has not broken or become damaged, or has come loose due to prior replacement. All warranty claims on this drive requires prior inspection before any action can or will be taken. 

Warranty cannot be claimed if the drive fails due to the above conditions during a warranty period.

If the conditions stated above happen then the drive must be replaced.


Because the new model final drives are poorly designed and we cannot be held responsible! Failure to the drive spline (spun bearing) is about 60%. A new drive is $2100 plus installation.

Should the repair on your Hexhead final drive fail for the reasons stated above, we will offer a special price on the a new final drive.  This price is based on prior repair costs.  CALL FOR FULL DETAILS

We offer new Final Drive Units at our cost plus shipping for those customers who have had a drive repaired by us as part of the warranty.

CARBURETORS For all models including Dellorto and throttle bodied K and R models are cleaned and rebuilt.  We also can clean and rebuild fuel rails on K bikes with new fuel injectors.  We use high quality rebuilt and cleaned-tested fuel injectors with new O ring seals ready to be installed on the motorcycle.  From $150 to $425.  Clean to Full rebuild with parts.






WHEELS Rebuilt for your BMW with new bearings, new internal "stack" and new drive spline. From $125  - Please call for details as pricing varies a great deal 

We can replace spokes, clean hubs, relace, and true.  we can also repair bent rims as long as they are not too bad.  Click on this link for pricing




Can be cleaned, prepped and relined making them last a very long time. $190 - $350. We use top quality lining materials.


We provide professional and exceptional painting, powder coating and ceramic coatings for motorcycle.  The web site below has all the original BMW paint color codes.






Service Excellence for your BMW Motorcycle

Stop the drips with a sleeve repair



We specialize in many repairs including complete cylinder and head restoration 




Transmissions, Final Drives, Carburetors, Throttle Bodies, Drive Shafts, Engines, Wheels, Tanks, Electrics, and Paint


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