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The number of teeth on the starter's Bendix gear & the engine flywheel, are always, on early Airhead models, 8 teeth on the starter with 93 tooth flywheels. Thus, the gear ratio is 93/8, which is 11.625.  There were TWO VERSIONS of the starter with 8 teeth on the Bendix drive.    Up through 1974 the BOSCH model number was  It was rated 0.5 Kw and 290 A.  The /6 bikes for 1975 & some 1976 used an 8 tooth starter, BOSCH model number rated 0.6 Kw & 320 A.   BMW phased-in the BOSCH starter at different times depending on the motorcycle model, so it is possible for some 8 tooth starters to be on slightly later bikes it is a good idea to count the number of teeth on the ring gear and starter to be sure you have the proper number on both.  All 8 tooth starters are used ONLY with 93 tooth flywheels; and all 8 tooth starters are, for practical purposes, interchangeable with each other.

The number of teeth on SOME 1976, and all 1977 and later Airheads Bendix gears was 9, and the flywheel (clutch carrier from 1981) had 111.  The ratio is 12.33. This later higher numerical ratio enables the '9 tooth' Bosch starter to develop a fractional amount more horsepower, mainly because it can spin faster.   ONLY the 111 tooth flywheel (or clutch carrier) can be used. The stock Valeo starter, as equipped by BMW on later model Airheads, also uses this ratio, but contains a planetary gear set that enables the Valeo to internally, pre-planetary gear, spin even faster, developing a bit more power than even the last of the Bosch designs that BMW used.  The starter is number, rated 0.7 Kw and 320 A.  Note the increased power and SAME maximum rated amperes, compared to the last of the 8 teeth starters.

BMW Starters

Economical and well proven starters.

QB Starters, recommended by Bombar's - 1 year no hassle warranty

QB-BMW-1-8 tooth - 1970 - August 1975 and some 76              $189.00

QB-BMW-1-9 tooth - 1975 - 1995                                                  $189.00

QB-BMW R1100/1150 Oilheads                                                    $180.95 

QB-BMW F650-F800                                                                      $180.95

1 year no hassle warranty

BMW OEM replacement starters - Superb redesign and a great value

BMW-VAL1M  8 Tooth 1970 - August 1975                                 $269.95

BMW-VAL 9 Valeo 9 Tooth 1975 - 1995                                       $229.00

BMW-VAL2 R-1100/1150 Oilheads                                               $239.95

BMW-VAL4 R12 Hexheads '05-onwards                                     $299.00

2 year no hassle warranty

High quality, long lasting "Super Starters"

1970 - 1976 /5, /6, and R90S models with 8 tooth gear              $375.00

All 76-87 twins that came with Bosch starters                           $375.00

1988 - 1995 two-valve Boxers                                                      $375.00

1994-2006 R850, R1100, R1150 and R1200 Cruiser                    $375.00

There is no core or trade in of the old starter required.

Bombar's Beemers is always working to raise the bar and make old Boxers better.

The Super Starter is very well suited for use on high-compression or performance-modified engines.

Our starter motors are made by Nippondenso, originally for use in Toyota trucks and mated to a new casting and drive gear to fit the BMW engine. The high torque planetary gear design DOES NOT use glued-in magnets for the motor fields. Robust construction and wire-coil fields ensure long service and can be rebuilt. At 6 lbs, it's approximately half of a Bosch's weight, and draws 80 amps of battery current, compared to the 120 amp draw common to Bosch.

Drop-in replacement requires no modifications or rewiring. Use your existing starter bolts & nuts. 

Two year warranty.

Moto Guzzi Starters

QB Starter for Moto Guzzi

Model 464158 - Most MG Motorcycles 1977 - 1994      $179.00

BOSCH Starter - Original Equipment

MG-BOSCH-3 Late Models 2006-2011 with Bosch "106" Series Starter   $289

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