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For BMW Classic Motorcycles

From 1970 and on, these reproduction harness's are made in Germany. 

Save on your project.

From $299.95...and Save!

BMW Pricing starts at over $600!!  

Call us at 919-450-7450

And Controls...

from $99

We are experts at restoring harnesses if they are not too badly burnt or damaged.  Some harnesses require a simple fix, others require replacement.  Either way, we have done a lot of repairs on harnesses needing TLC. 





On BMW R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure, R1200RT, R1200ST, R1200R, F800GS, F800GSA and F650GS-twin motorcycles, the fuel pump controller can fail due to water infiltration or because of a design flaw, limiting heat sinking, leaving you stranded. Using the accessory socket or an SAE battery connector and this cable as a temporary fix, you can bypass the failed controller and get back on the road. Features 18 gauge wire and soldered joints. If you ride in remote areas, this cable could save your life. 

You must connect the accessory port directly to the battery and have a 10 amp fuse on the positive wire. The stock accessory port has a 5 amp limit and the fuel pump draws 7 amps, which will trip the canbus virtual fuse. To fix this issue you can connect directly to the battery with the iCan Powerlet Socket Kit or the SAE Battery Lead. To install the cable to the fuel pump you need to carry a T-20 Torx socket in your tool kit.

Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the left side gas tank cover.
2. Remove the black fuel pump cover.
3. With a small flat screw driver, pry open the retaining clip and remove the power to the fuel pump controller.
4. With a torx ratchet socket, size T-20 remove the screws that are holding the fuel pump controller to the top of the fuel pump.
5. On the rear screw, I found it easier to use a torx T-20 screw driver.
6. With a small screw driver pry up the fuel pump controller. Look inside and you'll see the BLUE connector.
7. Use your screwdriver to squeeze the tabs on the blue connector to make it easier to remove.
8. Take your fuel bypass pump cable and align the connector to the top of the fuel pump connector and connect it.
9. Insert the Powerlet connector into your accessory socket.
10. Start the bike.
11. Tuck the cable under the side covers, so that it's out of the way.
12. You're back on the road.

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