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Superb Ignition  

Repair or upgrade a magneto with an electronic ignition kit

Suitable for Lucas, BTH, and other magnetos


The Thorspark(TM) electronic ignition kit is easy to fit yourself, fits inside the end cap of the magneto, and will give superior performance to most magnetos.  It is an alternative to rewinding or repairing the magneto; the magneto does not need to be removed, and no permanent modifications are needed to the magneto.  It gives superior performance at a lower price.

Electronic ignition conversion suitable for Lucas magnetos, BTH, Bosch magnetos, and most other magnetos, 6v & 12v

Lucas MO1, K1F, K2F, BTH, MN1E, SR1, Magdyno, N1, KVF, MN2, etc. etc.

Introduction to the Thorspark magneto electronic ignition conversion kit


Developed and made in England, the Thorspark ignition kit is a simple and reliable electronic ignition conversion suitable for most classic British (or other) bikes fitted with Lucas or other magnetos.  This system replaces the magneto entirely, but fits inside the magneto end cap.  The magneto remains in place, the original manual or automatic ignition advance continues to function as before, and the electronic conversion is not visible so the original appearance of the bike is maintained.  The conversion comes in 6 or 12 volt options, and both positive or negative earth.  Fitting is simple, and setting the timing is easier and more accurate than for a magneto.

This system gives a large spark at both low and high engine speeds, and draws very little power.  It normally greatly improves starting and low speed running, as well as throughout the rev range.  Once fitted it is maintenance free.


Description of the kit

The conversion is based on a standard 6 or 12 volt ignition coil and an electronic sensor that replaces the original points inside the magneto.  With this system the magneto remains in position maintaining the look of authenticity of the bike, and it uses the original manual or automatic advance system, but the magneto does not have to work.  It is solely used as a housing for the electronic ignition and does not need modification.  Fitting time into the end of the magneto is minutes, and there is no need to remove the magneto.  It is only necessary to take out the points and points cam to make space for the electronic ignition.  The ignition timing will then have to be set with a strobe light, taking an hour or so (full step by step instructions are included).  This is done by adjusting the electronic ignition unit and is straightforward to do, there is no need to remove the magneto drive pinion or use rizlas, or any of the other methods traditionally used to set the timing of the magneto. 


The conversion normally transforms the starting and running of most classic bikes.  The photo above shows the K2F kit (for Lucas K2F magneto as fitted to Triumph, Norton, Matchless and most other British twins).  Fitting is just as easy for most other magnetos including the single cylinder Lucas MO1 magdyno, and the kit similarly remains hidden inside the end cap of the magneto.  The kits come in 6 or 12 volt options, both positive and negative earth, for single cylinder, twins, and the Square Four. 

Low power consumption, 1/4 amp approx in total

The system is designed to work with low power classic motorbike dynamos and alternators.

The system uses very little power (about 1/4 amp in total, including the coil), in order to work in conjunction with the original 6 volt Lucas dynamos fitted to most British bikes, as well as upgraded 12 volt electrics.  The total power use is about 2 or 3 watts.

This is only a very small electrical load, it is not too much for a dynamo, and does not flatten the bike's battery.


If your magneto is tired, faulty, full of oil, or is giving uneven ignition timing between cylinders, this is an ideal solution!


Several magnetos have been re-wound over the years, and none has lasted very long




This is a simple matter of removing the magneto points unit and replacing with the electronic sensor. The ignition coil needs to be hidden somewhere on the bike (we suggest under the seat or tank) and connected to the sensor by two wires. Then the ignition timing needs to be re-set by strobe light, full step by step instructions are included with each kit. Wiring is simple with only three wires in total.  The whole process takes a couple of hours or so to complete and does not require the removal of the magneto nor the magneto drive gear.  It is substantially easier than removing and setting up a magneto.




• Single cylinder mag dyno's with face cam points, Lucas mo1, mo1l,  moil

• Single cylinder magdyno's with slip/cam ring points, Lucas mo1, k1f, k1fc

• Twin cylinder magnetos with slip ring points, k2f, mn2, k2fc

• Lucas mn1e for square fours
• Single cylinder Lucas sr1, n1, etc, also sr2 for twins

• bth magnetos, kd1, dirt track, kc1, kc2 and others


Why Fit a Thorspark Electronic Ignition?


• This is a simple system that produces a large and reliable spark at both low and high engine speeds, resulting in more reliable starting, smoother idle, more powerful running as well as being virtually maintenance free.  Starting is often particularly improved as magnetos can give a weak spark at low speeds.
• The unit is driven by the existing magneto so uses the original ignition advance, mechanical or manual, as designed for the bike by the manufacturer.
• The electronic unit is discretely hidden inside the magneto end cap, so the bike looks original.

• No modification to the magneto is required, it can always be put back to original in the future.
• Simple fitting and accurate timing, there is no need to remove the magneto or magneto drive pinion, no messing around with rizlas.

• Accurate timing between cylinders on twins and fours
• There are various different options for different magnetos, and 6 or 12 volt electrics, but none draw more than about 1/4 amp in total (2 or 3 watts), and the system works well with the original 6 volt Lucas dynamo, it does not flatten the battery. 
• More reliable than a magneto, with no wear parts, and 5 year guarantee.  If your magneto fails, you are stuck! This system works off the battery. If the charging fails you will still have many hours, if not days, of running on a half decent battery, as the system only uses about a quarter of an amp.   If this is not sufficient to get home, the battery can be simply be recharged. 
• Safe to well over 15000 rpm, also improves running and driveability for low speed trials as well as racing.

This system will transform the starting, tick-over, and running of most classic and British motorbikes.

FROM 399.95

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