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Documents we need to sell your bike

We can help you sell your BMW by advertising your bike on our web site, and other publications, our EBay store, as well as through our customer network. Many of our customers are looking for good quality BMW bikes. We ask only two things:

1. The bike must be in good running condition has had a recent completed service. We will check out the bike for final approval. This will insure that the new owner get's a great working BMW, Moto Guzzi or URAL

2. Print and fill out and sign our SELL ASSIST program contract.

3. Print and fill out the North Carolina DMV Power of Attorney document.   This allows us to transfer the title to the new owner without requiring you to do this with a notary.  

This document must be signed by you in front of a notary. 


4. Attach the title to the NCDMV Power of Attorney document.  

5. Send all documents to us:

Sell Assist Agreement Contract.

NC DMV Power of Attorney document.

Vehicle Title.


We will store, clean and keep the bike charged ready for demonstration and sale. We require a $50 processing fee and take a commission after the sale.  This amount is based on the agreed price.

We will not sell any bike without a clean title. 

It's easy and we always sell our BMW bikes!!

ONE IMPORTANT RULE - In this market you will need to realistically price your bike to sell.

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