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Upgrades to all BMW Airhead charging systems

Emerald OMEGA Vintage 200  $645  

The Emerald 200 Watt 12 Volt Alternator kit conversion is a completely self-contained unit, with the regulator and diode board built in everything fits neatly under the front cover.
The entire alternator attaches to the engine with two bolts, which screw into existing tapped holes. To install, connect four wires to the original harness and replace the bulbs and battery. It's that simple.
The kit comes complete with rotor puller, Allen wrenches, fasteners, and wire terminals.

You will need a 12V Battery - We recommend Shorai.  We also have 12v BULBS FOR THE CONVERSION, and LED versions as well. When ordering we will go over the options:

12 Volt Bulb Kit # 200-12V Bulb Kit
12 Volt Battery - We recommend a light and excellent Shorai Battery - 12V Vintage LFX12A1-BS12
We do not recommend cheap flood-type (acid) batteries for this motorcycle.  

This 12 Volt conversion requires a good strong and reliable battery as written in the instructions.
This alternator does not require wiring modifications to the original harness.

This unit carries a one year warranty.
Two kinds of rotors:
17mm for R51/3, R67/2, R67/3, R687, R50 and R69. 
20mm for R50/2, R60/2, R50S and R69S

Follow these installation instructions

Emerald OMEGA Classic 600W  $625

Emerald 600 Watt 12 Volt Alternator kit conversion for 107MM stator replaces the OEM Bosch charging system.  All components are easy to install and no modifications required.  Designed into the stock OEM components.  Now you can run extra lights, heated clothing and much more.  Keeps your battery strong. Eliminates low speed charging.   

Kit Includes:

1 600W Rotor

1 107mm Stator

1 Diode Board

1 Voltage Regulator

1 Rotor Removal Tool

Complete Wiring Kit

 Emerald 600 Watt Hook-Up - Easy Install Instructions.   

PLEASE NOTE - If you already have an OMEGA Diode Board and High Output Voltage Regulator, you can purchase the 600Watt upgrade kit for $479












Siebenrock Replacement Rotor - 73mm

Product 1231641 

73mm Rotor for BMW all twins 1970-95












Alternator for BMW Twins/Stator Cover for 1976 - on Twins

BOALT-STATOR105 1970 - 75

BOALT-STATOR107 1976 - 95

SCOVER 1231002 1976 - 95 

$169                                                                    $179















High Output Voltage Regulator

Maintain the battery at a higher 14.2 voltage than the stock regulator















Omega Diode Board

Heavy duty high voltage automotive diodes in a large heat sink on a high temperature printed circuit board - what this means for you is consistent charging, long life, and a minimum of fuss.

Kit includes new wires and fasteners. Easy replacement for factory part.


All 1970 - 75 models had 105MM Stators - For a conversion to fit 105MM, you will need a later 1976 - 95 107MM housing.  These systems are 450 watts only.  Housings are available from us - Please call

Product #


1976 - 1995

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