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URAL Accessories
We strive to provide true tried and tested solutions for your URAL.  Without exception, the products below are the answer improveing your URAL. 
Ural-specific Power Arc Ignition Systems. Retrofit your Ducati or Type 3 thru 5 Russian ignitions. Two ignition curves are loaded into the processor - one is the standard Ural/Ducati curve, the second curve can be accessed via a momentary on, toggle or VOES switch. Optical reader triggered ignition means no spark scatter on acceleration /deceleration (in other words you get very precise timing).
$385.00 kit
Ural Power Arc Coil Mount

Heavy duty coil mount for Power Arc ignition coils. Fits all Ural motorcycles. Simply remove steering damper anchor bolt, slide coil mount under damper anchor, replace bolt, bolt coil on and it’s a done deal.
$24.95 each




NEW and DYNO Tested - Improved prerformance all round!!

Ural 750 30mm Flat Slide High Performance Carburetors

30 mm flat-slide high-performance carburetors for the Ural 750. Born and bred from the PWK with an unusual twist - an American-designed circuit plate. Reversible side idle speed screws. Straight up pull enrichners. Change jets without removing fuel bowl. Rubber manifold boots match Ural manifold stud pattern.
$189.95 each or $449.95 - Complete set with cables etc - Per the picture with two carbs



Ural/Dnepr 650, Chang Jiang, Early BMW Boxer 30mm Flat Slide High Performance Carburetors

30mm, flat slide, high-performance carburetors for: Ural 650, Dnepr 650, Chang Jiang, early BMW boxers. Feature straight-up pull-type enrichners, reversible side idle speed adjuster screws, CNC machined aluminum adapter manifolds with “O” ring seals.
$189.95 each

JRC Flat Slide Throttle Cables

Professionally built replacement JRC carburetor throttle cables for High Performance Carburetors shown above..
$13.95 each (two each shown in photo, priced per each)

Ural Phenolic Carburetor Heat Block
A lot of cylinder head heat transfers through the flanged rubber manifold into the carburetor, and the rubber flanges themselves may warp as a result, causing the fuel/air mixture to go lean, which causes more heat - it's a vicious cycle.  These water-jet, burr-free 1/4" thick phenolic heat blocks provide an effective barrier.  Simply install between the cylinder head and rubber manifold.  Many shown in photo, two required per motorcycle.  $6.95 each
Exhaust Systems


Ural Dunstall Mufflers

A classic design first created by Paul Dunstall that still looks great today.  Slow taper/short reverse cone design.  Removable and re-packable silencer.  Sold for "off road or competition use only".  Great sound.  Header reduction bushing and bracket included.  Mufflers have a chrome finish.
$85.00 each (two required for motorcycle)

Ural Black High-Mount Exhaust System

Black ceramic-coated high-mount exhaust system.  Intended for "off-pavement" riders, but applicable to any model Ural.  Free-flowing with matched-length headers for each side.  Mounting brackets and hardware included.  Photos show one exhaust system, two complete systems are included in set.
$595.00 set

Ural Black Ceramic Coated Header Pipes

Black ceramic-coated “smoothy” style header pipes without provision for cross pipe. Valuable tuning aid, as getting rid of your cross-pipe stops reversion wave bouncing between cylinders during valve overlap periods.  Flange-style headers fit 2006 and newer Ural motorcycles. Includes new exhaust gaskets. Sold as a pair.
$195.00 pair

Ural Chrome Header Pipes

2-Step chrome-plated header pipes without cross tube connections. Eliminates burning your fingers when you change oil on a hot engine. Furnished in flange-style header configuration for 2006 and newer Urals. Sold as a pair.
$195.00 pair




Ural Extra Length Unplated Header Pipes

OK! You asked for it, you got it! Plain carbon steel. Equipped with flanges, they fit 2006 and newer Urals or flange head retrofits. Long length tail pipe for custom systems. One header shown in photo, sold in pairs only .”Smoothy” style has no cross pipe.
$225.00 pair



We offer shocks for the Ural Gear-Up: Front shocks, Rear shocks and one shock for the sidecar. Excellent Handling results.

Front: RZ 362-330 TRL-M

Rear: RZ 362-330 TRL-H

Side car: MZ 362-330 TRL-M

Complete set = $ 1,297.00




Ural Black "Z-Bar" Engine Guard

Replace your droopy "D" engine guard with our smart and strong "Z Bar" guard.  Manufactured from black powder-coated .120” wall electro-welded steel tubing - mandrel formed into a dramatic shape that looks more “correct” than the factory piece.  Special CNC machined studs turned from 4130 Chrome Moly stock.
$125.00 each





Ural Chrome "Z-Bar" Engine Guard

Same construction as our Black powder-coated Z-Bar Engine Guard, only finished in lustrous chrome plating. Gone is the droopy “D” factory design - replaced by crisp styling.  Dress-up your bike with this handsome and practical accessory.
$145.00 each


Ural Engine Sump Guard

3/16" thick tempered aluminum protects engine oil pan (sump) from damage by obstacles, especially good for off-pavement riding.    Black matte powder coating.  Drain plug access hole.  Mounting hardware included, no drilling required.
$175.00 each






Ural "Day Long" Saddle

Custom-made "Day Long" saddle for your Ural, so called because it's so comfortable, you can ride all day.  Black vinyl cover with heavy-duty stitching. Because this saddle is built on a stock Ural seat pan, these saddle are sold on an exchange basis, you send us your old saddle, we send you a "Day Long".  If you don't have a saddle pan you want to exchange, Raceway can sell you one at additional cost.
$478.00 each (seat pan exchange basis)