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       FOR SALE
Shop Hours from May 1, 2016
Monday - Friday 10a - 6p
Saturday and Sunday Closed
We have some really nice motorcycles for sale,
all serviced and ready to go.
1993 K75RT - Good Condition- 57K - Ready to tour
  Full Serviced with new tires and well maintained. In 2014 - New fuel filter, fuel pump, 12k major service, newer tires, all fluids changed, brakes flushed, engine sync and tune.  Comes with Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS and RAM mounting, bags and top case.  Ready to go - $3299
1973 R75/5 Custom - Very Nice - Rare
A very special motorcycle rebuilt by us four years ago.  It has a rare Don Vesco Rabid Transit fairing, Corbin seat, R90S rear fender, Nippon Denso high end starter, Dyna III electronic ignition, Dyna Coils, Carbs completely rebuilt, all fluids and service performed.  Lester wheels and newer tires. 
Beautiful paint, mint exhausts, and new bags.
The tank was completely relined to new condition, new petcocks installed, fuel lines and filters replaced, and the wiring was rebuilt in the fairing by Peter Bombar. 
It is just AWESOME!!!
Firm at $6800
2005 R1200RT - Very Nice - 48K - Ready to tour
Full Serviced with new tires and meticulously maintained. A very nice example of a ready to tour R1200RT.  ABS, ESA, heated Rick Mayer custom seats, Z-Teck windshield, 2 accessory outlets, rear soft luggage top carrying case, side bags, foot rests, engine guards, Really Nice!!!! More pictures
Reduced to $7299.
1975 R90/6 - Low Miles - Great shape
A great example of a well maintained BMW Airhead ready to tour. 
This bike had over $5K worth of work done as follows:
NEW switch gear, master cylinder assembly for the front brake, Spieglar brake lines, Dyna III Electronic Ignition, Endualast 400 watt charging system, fork boots, wheels and spokes (hubs are original), tires, Hagon shocks, Starter, cables, header pipes, service (all fluids) and used wiring harness (near new). 
WOW!!!!!  It runs great - A rare find at $4999. 
A Special Bike For Sale
This is the owners special R1100RT-Police bike. updates...
                    It is a 1998 model and has great updates
52K on the clock.  Hard bags, Radio Box, Motolights, Hyperlites, modified rear lighting, Hyperlite yellow indicators, Kisan signal minder and turn signal running lights, PIAA LED Touring lights, Motolights have Wig-Wag switching.  New Dunlop Roadsmart II tires, Fully serviced...and I mean everything, HyperPro shocks front and rear - NEW - with HPA reservoir pre-load adjuster for the rear shock and race adjustable fine tuning damping for rebound, Nuvi GPS, New Battery, Engine Guards, Cylinder Guards, Large Touring Bags, Under Guard Tool Kit Holders, Cee Bailey windshield, air horn - VERY LOUD - Spieglar Brake lines - NEW - CL Brake Pads - NEW - Front Brake Master Cylinder - NEW - ABS - Heated Grips - Russel Touring Saddle in Leather - VERY Comfortable - And did I say this belongs to the you know it's top notch.
       AWESOME TOURING BIKE -  $5400 takes It!
1998 R1100RT - Low Miles - Super shape!!
31K on the clock, hard bags, top case, Cee Bailey windshield, BMW comfort seat, Speiglar brake lines, Bright Buddies LED rear brake lights plus flashing brake lights, front running lights, speed bleeders on calipers for easy brake bleeding, newer battery, new front master brake cylinder, full service performed with new fluids and filters, ABS, new fuel pump, filter and lines.  Needs nothing but a tour!!  Great for two up.  Super motorcycle
2007 K1200GT - Super shape - 90K on the clock with all updates and lots of new components - Needs nothing - Ready to tour at a special price!!

OxOxygen sensor replaced at 25k – big difference in smoothness especially trail to load at low torque. Idle control valve replaced once on warranty, and once on my dime.  Solved “high idle” issue.  Airbox replaced on warranty at 15k.  Clutch replaced twice on warranty.  Last replaced at 30k, has been perfect since.   Side panels replaced with 2009 version after static drop (BMW no longer supplied 2007 version).  Vents in 2009 version improved hot weather performance (smoothness).  Fuel pump replaced on recall.  Cam chain jump guard installed on warranty.  Failed rear drive replaced with new at 87k.  New drive installed with steel flange, satisfying recent recall campaign.  Front shock replaced with Wilber’s at 75k.  Metzeler Z8s have 3000 miles on them.   Front wheel replaced after minor rim dent detected by technician.   After replacing rider seat twice on warranty to fix broken heater, central chassis electronics computer failure diagnosed as root cause of seat heater failure and replaced on warranty.  Engine controller and plug coils upgraded as part of ASC retrofit, offered by BMW at discount for 2007 model year.  ABS pump motor rebuilt at 90k by ModuleMaster in order to restore ABS functionality.  All service performed.  All synthetic fluids. AWESOME TOURING BIKE -  Only $4995 



We can help you sell your BMW 
We can help you sell your BMW by advertising your bike on our web site, and other publications, as well as through our customer network. Many of our customers are looking for good quality BMW bikes. We ask only two things:
1. The bike must be in good running condition has had a recent completed service or a service by us. We will check out the bike for final approval. This will insure that the new owner get's a great working BMW.
2. Fill out and sign our SELL ASSIST program contract. We will store, clean and keep the bike charged ready for demonstartion and sale. We require a $50 processing fee and take a commission after the sale based on an amount agreed upon at the time we sign a selling contract.  We will not sell any bike without a clean title. 
It's easy and we always sell our BMW bikes!!
ONE IMPORTANT RULE - In this market you will need to realistically price your bike to sell.